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Children's Books by Other Authors
A Child's Guide to Confession
Ancient Faith Publishing
ISBN 978-1-944967-45-1

An engaging, illustrated guide to confession for children. This 100-page, easy-to-use aid will help a child understand and prepare for confession. Designed for both younger and older children, this book assists the child with brief, inspirational thoughts followed by prayers and an age-appropriate self-examination based on 1 Corinthians 13 (the "love chapter"). A Child's Guide to Confession also includes a glossary of basic vocabulary that children typically encounter when learning about or going to confession. Fully illustrated in a simple, colorful, yet reverent style.

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Ages 5-12 years

A Child's Guide to Prayer
Ancient Faith Publishing
ISBN 978-1-944967-74-1

A Child's Guide to Prayer is a beautifully illustrated prayer book for Orthodox Christian children who are just developing a habit of prayer. The selection includes morning and evening prayers, prayers during the day, at mealtimes, for family and friends, and prayers of and to the saints--along with psalms to pray and prayers that have to do with communion and confession. All the prayers were carefully selected by priests and youth workers to ensure their age-appropriateness. The 120-page guide also includes brief instructions on how to pray, why we pray, and a list of different ways to pray. The book concludes with several blank pages for personal prayer requests.

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Ages 5-10 years

A Child's Guide to the Divine Liturgy
Ancient Faith Publishing
ISBN 978-1-936270-17-0

A wonderful new tool for Orthodox children! A Child's Guide to the Divine Liturgy is designed as an aid to help children negotiate their way through the Divine Liturgy and learn more about the Church and our faith. Small and easy to hold, with engaging illustrations, the guide is divided into six color-coded sections: Preparing for the Divine Liturgy, The Divine Liturgy, Salt and Light, The 12 Feasts, Words to Know, Glossary.

The very young child will learn basic vocabulary and come to recognize the various milestones in the Divine Liturgy. For the older child, the guide includes several longer psalms, quotes, and prayers; the 12 feast icons and kontakia; plus an extensive glossary filled with terms and vocabulary often heard throughout the liturgical year. We wish you, and all the children of the Orthodox faith, continual growth toward Christ as we all seek to be lights to the world, and as we help each other toward the Kingdom of Heaven!

Ages 2-10 years

A Visit to the Monastery
Pamela Paul Hutchings
ISBN 978-1-6628-1730-4

Take your family on a visit to a monastery where they see the beauty and holiness of daily life there! With beautiful artwork, this charming children's book inspires visitors to experience a Feast Day honoring a saint! Learn how the modern day monastery is a place where the Sisters remind us of God's love which surrounds us everyday. Discover a world where holiness is alive and sacred traditions are still honored.

This is a book to reawaken the Orthodox Christian spirit!  Here at the monastery, the Faith comes alive with liturgical worship, sacred teaching moments, a procession, and a glorious Feast Day meal!  The monastery is a place to enjoy the beauty of God's nature - - the gardens, the beehives, the dovecote and even the tire swing!  The Sisters remind us that everyone is loved and God's presence can be felt in our hearts. Children are encouraged to guard their hearts and to care for others. 

Learn "The Prayer of the Heart" and read the selected scriptures included for reflection.  Time spent at a monastery can enrich our Faith, deepen our treasured Christian traditions, and unite families and visitors in celebrating God's love.

Children and up

Beautiful Pascha: An Orthodox Coloring Book for Children
Illustrations by Megan Elizabeth Gilbert
ISBN 978-1-955890-07-6

Christ is Risen! Travel through the Lenten season, from Zacchaeus Sunday through Great Lent all the way to Pascha and Bright Week, while coloring! Beautiful Pascha, illustrated for children aged 5-12, boldly announces Christ's triumph over death.  From the Resurrection Icon to decorated Pysanky Eggs, young children will develop a visual sensibility to meaningful symbols found in the Church.  Printed on thick perforated paper for easy removal, may this book bless those who create within its pages.

Ages 5-12 years

Catherine's Pascha
Charlotte Riggle
ISBN 978-0-9846124-4-4

Award-Winning Finalist in the "Children's Religious" category of the 2015 USA Best Book Awards

It's Pascha, and Catherine is determined to stay awake all night.  Can she do it?  Will she remember how to say "Christ is risen!" in Russian?  Will her best friend Elizabeth remember how to say it in Greek?  Will their parents let them play with burning candles, smash hard-boiled eggs, and eat sweets until the sun rises on Pascha?

Children and teens

From God to You: The Icon's Journey to Your Heart
John Kosmas Skinas
ISBN 978-1-936270-76-7

In this follow-up to the popular Pictures of God, John Skinas introduces children to some of the ancient icon archetypes most treasured by Orthodox Christians from the Icon Not Made by Hands to the Pantocrator of Sinai. From God to You follows the path of the icon through history and encourages children to mindfully consider icons and their stories as windows of inspiration and doorways to prayer.

Preschool and up

From I-ville to You-ville, Second Edition
Mersine Vingopoulou
ISBN 978-0-9667000-9-1

I-ville--a Kingdom where pride and selfishness dwell, and where people live by the motto "Me first!". 

You-ville--a Kingdom where humility and kindness have their home, and where people put the good of others before their own. 

This is the story of a young boy named Stubborn, as he strives to become the first person in I-ville to make the difficult journey to the beautiful, joy-filled Kingdom of You-ville, and to become a citizen there. 

As we join Stubborn in his adventures, we learn, along with him, profound lessons in how to struggle against bad thoughts and feelings.  Drawn from the teachings of the beloved Elder Paisios of Mount Athos, Greece (1924-1994), these lessons can be of tremendous spiritual benefit for young and old alike.

The journey of young Stubborn is one that all of us must take, and which all of us can accomplish--if only we shrink our "I" and put "You" first!

Children, teens and up

Heaven Meets Earth: Celebrating Pascha & the Twelve Feasts
John Kosmas Skinas
ISBN 978-1-936270-18-7

Enhance your family s celebration of the Great Feasts of the Orthodox Church with this beautifully designed book.  Written for all ages and illustrated with icons and more, the book brings alive each of the Twelve Great Feasts (plus Pascha, the Feast of Feasts) with hymns, traditions, Old and New Testament scriptures, explanations of the festal icon, and quotes from the Fathers.  A wonderful companion as we journey through the liturgical calendar year after year, deepening our faith one feast at a time.

Children and teens

Josiah and Julia Go To Church
Kelly Ramke Lardin
ISBN 978-1-936270-37-8

Josiah and Julia love to go to church. They love to venerate the icons, light candles, and eat the blessed bread. Sometimes they behave very well--but sometimes they make mistakes.

Little ones can follow Josiah and Julia through the Liturgy and learn how even the youngest child can honor God by behaving properly in church.

Prechool and up

Pictures of God: A Child's Guide to Understanding Icons
John Kosmas Skinas
ISBN 978-1-888212-58-7

When the Son of God came down from heaven to become a man like us, He made it possible for us to see Him, touch Him, and make pictures of Him--pictures which we call icons. This little book brings God and His saints vividly into children's lives through icons, explaining in the simplest terms what each icon means and what the role of these holy pictures--and the holy stories and people they depict--can be in our lives. The colorful pages of Pictures of God are perfect for occupying little hands in church, for explaining the world of icons in the first years of Sunday school, and for read-aloud time with little ones at home.

Preschool and up

Prince Martin and the Cave Bear
Brandon Hale
ISBN 978-1-7321278-7-6

Book 4 of The Prince Martin Epic Series

Two Kids, Colossal Courage, and a Classic Quest

The circus has arrived at last.  Prince martin and his cousin, Princess Margaret, have a glorious time--until they see a scary Northman selling a blind bear cub into captivity.  When these kids intervene, the Northman's cryptic threat chills their blood.

But with the help of old friends, they hatch a plan to rescue the cub and take him home to Northland, where the colossal creatures are bad ...

... and the Northmen are worse.

Can the companions brave the perils of Northland to finish their quest?

Check out the Book 4 video trailer!

Ages 8-10 years

Permissions:  Video trailer added with the permission of the author.

Prince Martin and the Dragons
Brandon Hale
ISBN 978-1-7321278-2-1

Book 3 of The Prince Martin Epic Series

A Classic Adventure Book About a Boy, a Knight, and the True Meaning of Loyalty

Prince Martin returns with his brotherly band to oppose ancient dragons that threaten the land?

The two dragons have slept for two thousand long years.  They embody the worst of humanity's fears.  They have dreamt of destruction and fire ad smoke.  A new cycle begins--for the dragons just woke.

And these deadly old drakes are the nastiest sort:  they incinerate cities and kill just for sport.  Now tey're heading out west, these two blasts from the past.  Their intentions are cruel.  The die has been cast.

But a quest has begun for a shield and a spear--two long-missing marvels the two dragons fear.  And the Prince and his friends join this perilous quest to discover those weapons and rescue The West.  They have little idea, though, what lies in store ...

Check out the Book 3 video trailer!

Ages 7-10 years

Permissions:  Video trailer added with the permission of the author.

Prince Martin and the Last Centaur
Brandon Hale
ISBN 978-1-7321278-8-3

Book 5 of The Prince Martin Epic Series

A Tale of Two Brothers, a Courageous Kid, and the Duel for the Desert

When a raid shatters their tribe, twin Desert Dog puppies are forced to part.  One brother is raised by the chief of the Marauder gang that terrorizes the desert.  The other, by a peaceful hermit--who once, long ago, was the greatest of war heroes.  Now grown and living worlds apart, one dog lives to protect a boy prince ... the other, to guard his ghoulish master.

When a sudden tragedy puts their lives on a collision course, the forces of good face the forces of evil in a high desert showdown.  And one brother must decide where his true loyalties lie.  How will he make his stand?

Children will adore this suspenseful adventure because of the action, the art, and the riveting rhyming verse.

Check out the Book 5 video trailer!

Ages 8-11 years

Permissions:  Video trailer added with the permission of the author.

Prince Martin and the Pirates
Brandon Hale
ISBN 978-1-7376576-0-6

Book 6 of The Prince Martin Epic Series                                          NEW!

Being a Swashbuckling Tale of a Brave Boy, Bloodthirsty Buccaneers, and the Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep

In this epic illustrated adventure told in riveting rhyming verse, Prince Martin, his Band of Brothers, and his father--the Kind--embark on a dangerous quest to recover friends lost at sea.  Their exciting voyage takes them to the Tropical Main, where unfathomable secrete are concealed in the deep.  But that once-peaceful sea is now plagued by the Dread Pirate Kaine, his gruesome pets, and his infamous crew.  When these notorious sea rovers capture the boy prince, Martin discovers that his only hope might come from the sea itself ...

Check out the Book 6 video trailer!

Ages 9 and up

Permissions:  Video trailer added with the permission of the author.

Prince Martin and the Thieves
Brandon Hale
ISBN 9781979571852

Book 2 of The Prince Martin Epic Series

A Brave Boy, a Valiant Knight, and a Timeless Tale of Courage and Compassion

Prince Martin returns to face a new threat, in an all-new adventure--his most dangerous yet!

Prince Martin and Sir Ray once again find themselves in peril--this time trapped by a fearsome band of brigands deep in the woods.  The chief thief, nicknamed "The Boss," is as cunning as he is ruthless.

Outnumbered, unarmed, and tied up, our heroes have no hope of escape.

Unless ... perhaps the boy and the dog are not as outnumbered as they thought!

Do kind acts lead to unforeseen consequences?

Find out in this action-packed adventure, featuring electrifying art, pulsing verse, and an unforgettable ending that will warm the heart and stir the soul!

Check out the Book 2 video trailer!

Ages 7-10 years

Permissions:  Video trailer added with the permission of the author.

Prince Martin Wins His Sword
Brandon Hale
ISBN 9781548835712

Book 1 of The Prince Martin Epic Series

A Classic Tale About a Boy who Discovers the True Meaning of Courage, Grit, and Friendship

Admiring the ancient steel in the castle armory, Prince Martin longs for a sword of his own.  But the King decrees his son must prove himself first.  The boy gets his chance when the caw of a crow alerts him to trouble in the forest.  From the safety of the trees, he spies four terrifying villains bent on kidnapping an innocent victim!  And the only thing standing between predator and prey is a courageous stranger--who could sure use a hand.  Armed only with his wood staff and a rock sling, Martin faces the hard choice:

Should he help or go home?  The boy had to decide!  And just how much help could a mere kid provide?

Featuring stunning full-color illustrations, Prince Martin Wins His Sword is a classic tale about a boy prince's trials and how he learns the true meaning of courage, sacrifice, grit, and friendship.

With a great quest, high-stakes adventure, lovable heroes, and a mesmerizing cadence, this first entry in the new Prince Martin Epic series is sure to delight!

Check out the Book 1 video trailer

Ages 6-9 years

Permissions:  Video trailer added with the permission of the author.

Rejoice, Panagia! Offering to Children the Akathist Hymn
Greek Orthodox Monastery of the Theotokos the Life Giving Spring
ISBN 978-0-9851915-0-5

Published by the sisterhood of the Life Giving Spring of the Theotokos Monastery in Dunlap, CA, this children’s book presents, in simple words, the Akathist Hymn to the Mother of God. The beautiful and detailed iconography taken from the walls of the Monastery’s Dormition Chapel will touch your children’s hearts and teach them as much or more than words to love and magnify the Panagia.

Children and teens

Spyridon's Shoes
Christine Rogers
ISBN 978-1-944967-46-8

Young Spyros spends his days fishing, octopus hunting, and dreaming of attending school like his best friend, Niko. When he encounters an elderly man on the beach after an accident, his whole life begins to shift and change. But who is this mysterious, saintly man, and why is his friendship so important? Take a short trip back in time to the Greek island of Corfu and discover the real reason for the mystery surrounding Spyridon's shoes.

Ages 7-12 years

The Blackbird's Nest: Saint Kevin of Ireland
Jenny Schroedel
ISBN 978-0-88141-258-1

Kevin was always different. He loved animals and seemed to understand their secret language. But other children brought out the worst in him. He chased, bullied, and shoved, until one spring when he learned an unforgettable lesson from an unlikely teacher--a blackbird who built a nest in his hand. The Blackbird's Nest: Saint Kevin of Ireland is the story of Kevin's transformation into one of Ireland's best-loved saints (AD +618), revered in many Christian traditions. Written with simplicity and humor by Jenny Schroedel, and brought to life with stunning illustrations by Douglas Montross, The Blackbird's Nest is a rich, vibrant tale of renewal and a welcome addition to children's lenten literature.

Ages 8-10 years

The Boy, a Kitchen, and His Cave: The Tale of St. Euphrosynos the Cook
Catherine K. Contopoulos
ISBN 978-0-88141-241-4

A clumsy scullery boy finds solace in a place known only to him and his God in this charming children’s book about the ninth-century saint, Euphrosynos, commonly known in Orthodox tradition as "The Cook."  Author Catherine K. Contopoulos easily links the feelings of contemporary children with the feelings of this legendary character, a self-conscious, awkward boy who leaves his loving family and the taunts of his neighbors to find a niche in the kitchen of a monastic community.  Children will feel for a confused Euphrosynos when neighbors make fun of him at the local cheese shop; laugh and then tremble when an austere monk slips upon Euphrosynos' newly mopped floor; and find an oasis of peace as Euphrosynos prays in his solitary cave.  They also will learn lessons of perseverance, humility, and dependence upon God as they are naturally drawn into the story.  Contopoulos achieves these goals with language that a child will understand.  Her marvelous account is illustrated by Chrissanth Greene-Gross' soft, yet vibrant, realistic images that will engage children and warm their souls.

Ages 6-10 years

The Cross and the Stag: The Incredible Adventures of Saint Eustathius
Gabriel Wilson
ISBN 978-1-944967-59-8

He lost his wealth.

He lost his family.

He lost his station.

He endured it all ...

To Gain Everything.

Roman Commander Placidas was a man of great power and influence.  He and his family wanted for little, yet he knew there had to be more to life.  Once baptized into the Christian faith as Eustathius, he faced trials beyond anything he had ever experienced on the battlefield.  His faith was challenged, but that same faith gained him eternal life. 

Meet this great man in Ancient Faith Publishing's first graphic novel--the first in our Among the Saints series--written to inspire both children and adults.

Ages young adult

The Man and the Vine
Jane G. Meyer
ISBN 978-0-88141-315-1

From the time he prepares the soil for planting, a man prays over his vines and the grapes they produce, until he finally tastes the wine that has been made from the juice and transformed into a blessing from Heaven. Includes facts about Holy Communion and the Eucharistic tradition in the Orthodox Christian Church.

Teens and young adults

The Nature of Kindness
Stephanie N. Prountzos
ISBN 978-1-9772-0893-4

Volume 1 of The Jovie Series

Jovie is a character designed to be an advocate for all animals and our planet. With a caring yet silly demeanor, this fun-loving character brings a ray of sunshine and hope into this world. The Jovie series starts with The Nature of Kindness, which allows the reader to learn that daily actions on a local level can make an impact.

Age 10 years and up

The Ravens of Farne: A Tale of Saint Cuthbert
Donna Farley
ISBN 978-0-9822770-5-8

The seventh-century Saint Cuthbert of Lindisfarne is one of England's most beloved saints, honored also by the Eastern Church.  Saint Cuthbert's adventurous, yet humble spirit is demonstrated in this delightful tale of his encounter with an unruly raven.  The lyrical, humorous text and simple, charming illustrations of Ravens of Farne will appeal to readers of all ages.

Preschool and up

The Saint Nicholas Day Snow
Charlotte Riggle
ISBN 978-0-9846124-6-8

The Saint Nicholas Day Snow begins on the morning of St. Nicholas Eve. Catherine's best friend, Elizabeth, is coming for a sleepover. They'll share a day filled with warm cookies, squabbles with siblings, holiday traditions, and the excitement of an unexpected snowstorm. It's all familiar, comfortable, and delightful.

And yet Elizabeth is worried. She's spending the night with Catherine because her grandmother is ill, and her parents are heading to the hospital to see her. The brief references to Elizabeth's grandmother in the main story are developed into a fully realized wordless story-within-a-story in the corner of each spread. Both stories are filled with kindness, prayer, faith, and love.

And snow.

At the end of the day, the girls set out their shoes (with apples and carrots for St. Nicholas's horse), and their parents pray and keep vigil for Elizabeth's grandmother. All of them, in the end, receive joy.

FREE BONUS:  The author signed a limited number of copies for the patrons of our store.  Buy your copy today!

Children and teens

The Woman and the Wheat
Jane G. Meyer
ISBN 978-0-88141-059-4

There once was a woman who planted some wheat... So begins this rhythmical, festive children's book about the joy of a farmer as she works to grow the wheat and bake that bread that she will offer back to her Creator in Eucharistic celebration. The vibrant images -- reminiscent of fields in the American mid-west -- sparkle in light-saturated, warm jewel-tones and provide the perfect backdrop for the story of a woman in love with the earth, and her labor, and equally in love with her God.

Children and teens

We Pray
Daniel G. Opperwall
ISBN 978-1-944967-20-8

Written in expressive verse, We Pray invites children and their parents to explore some of the unique aspects of Orthodox Christian prayer life. Through reflections on topics like icons, the Jesus Prayer, and the liturgy, children are invited to see the beauty in our way of praying and understand better the purpose of Orthodox prayer.

We Pray is a helpful lesson-starter on prayer for church and homeschool classrooms.

Ages 2-12 years

When My Baba Died
Marjorie Kunch
ISBN 978-0-9964045-1-8

This hardcover picture book beautifully illustrates the steps a family takes when a Slavic Orthodox Christian loved one dies. We follow the progression from funeral home visitation and Pomen, witness the church ceremony, and conclude with the cemetery graveside service.  Along the way, the most commonly asked questions children have about death and funerals are answered.  Fears are alleviated by gently showing what to expect and explaining what the child will see.  Most importantly, the comfort of the Orthodox Faith is affirmed.  Extensive glossary with in-depth discussion of Slavic Orthodox memorial services and funerary terms.  With foreword by V. Rev. Dr. Milos Vesin.  Of interest not only for members of the Orthodox Faith, but also for mortuary students and elementary-school teachers who wish to explore multicultural customs in a unit study pertaining to religions of the world or a compare/contrast of ancient and contemporary funerary ritual.

Ages 5-10 years

About the author:  Marjorie Kunch is a mother, mortician, and Orthodox Christian.  She resides in the Southwest with her family.  Marjorie and her husband converted to Orthodoxy on Holy Saturday 2005.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Worsham College of Mortuary Science and currently serves her community as a Certified Funeral Celebrant.  When not writing, she is homeschooling or baking.

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