Noah and the Ark of Salvation, Second Edition
Noah and the Ark of Salvation, Second Edition
Mother Melania
ISBN 978-1-946991331

Book 4 of The Old Testament Stories for Children Series

The story of Noah and the Ark told in simple verse -

By Noah's ark, Lord, Thou didst save
His fam'ly from a wat'ry grave.
And, baptized in Thy Church, are we
All saved from death to live in Thee.

Noah is a "type" as well as an ancestor of Christ.  His name means "to give rest," and our ultimate rest is in Christ.  Like Christ, Noah preached righteousness, was persecuted by those who would not repent, and saved those with him.  The ark in which Noah, his family, and the animals were preserved from the water of the Flood typifies the Church, in which we are saved through baptism in water.  The appearance of the dove is a foreshadowing of the coming of the Holy Spirit, who appeared in the form of a dove at Christ's Baptism and is received by each of the faithful in their own baptism.  Noah's faith saved not just his family, but the animals.  Likewise, through the children of God, the rest of creation—animals, plants, and inanimate things—will also be saved.  The Flood also foreshadows the Last Judgment, when once again the wicked will perish and the righteous will be saved, this time for eternity.

You can find the full story of Noah and the Ark in the Book of Genesis, chapters 6 through 9.

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