Moses and the Burning Bush
Moses and the Burning Bush
Mother Melania
ISBN 978-1-946991-01-0

Book 5 of The Old Testament Stories for Children Series

The story of Moses is the story of God's deliverance of His people from slavery to the freedom of worshiping Him.  In particular, the Passover (Pascha) of Moses and the Israelites at the Red Sea is the focal point of the Old Covenant and a key scripture associated with Christ's Pascha and our baptism from the death of sin into the life in Christ.  The current story, Moses and the Burning Bush, was richly mined by the Fathers on many levels, but one of its key aspects is certainly the Burning Bush as a "type" of the Theotokos.  As the bush that "held" God burnt without being destroyed, so was the Theotokos unharmed by the fire of Christ's divinity when she bore Him and gave Him birth.

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