Capers & Harry: High Climbing
Capers & Harry: High Climbing
Mother Melania
ISBN 978-1-4507-2863-8

The Fearless & Friends Series

A vain and self-centered cat learns humility.  In attempting to match the antics of a squirrel, Capers strands himself up a tree.  Harry, his bloodhound pal, and Fearless the Fire duck come to the rescue.

For your FREE bonus offer, please see "Free Download(s)", below.  Also, available for your viewing pleasure is a video of Mother Melania reading this book; please see "Videos", below.  Everyone gather around and bring your friends for some fun!

Ages 4-9 years


Kindle Edition

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Softcover: $7.00
Softcover Set of 3 (1 each Capers, Greedy, Mimi): $19.00

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