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As we celebrate Thanksgiving this year, we are reminded that, even in difficult times, there are endless reasons to thank God.  Personally, we are very aware of the blessing of still having a monastery after the recent fires and of staying healthy in these times of COVID.  Even more so, we are grateful to God for you our friends, who are always there for us, even in these tough times.  And yes, these are tough times, but Christ’s light shines brighter in darkness.  As we journey towards the Nativity, may we all let His light confront and banish the darkness in our own souls so that we, along with the Christmas star, may be lights leading others to our Incarnate God!

Calistoga Orthodox Wines is a joint venture supporting both Holy Assumption Monastery (OCA) and St. Simeon Orthodox Church (ROCOR), both located in Calistoga.

We produce two labels, our Premium Chalice Wine, and our California Chalice Wine.

Both are made to meet canonical regulations of the Orthodox Church, but can also be enjoyed as dessert wines. 


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