Animal Kingdom

It only takes one visit to Holy Assumption Monastery to find out that animals have a special place in our community. Many of the animals with us lived at the monastery before the sisters arrived in 2009. They adopted us, and we do our best to make their lives happy and healthy.


Petie, the African Gray parrot
Balou, the Russian Blue cat, is sweet and playful
Our famous koi, always ready for a snack!
Petie helps in the office. One of his favorite ways of helping is pulling keys of the computer keyboard
Philly, monarch of all he surveys
Philly makes Baby's acquaintance
Look, Balou and Philly can be friends! Sometimes...
Play time!
Pixley, our cherry-head conure rescued from the wild flock in San Francisco!
It is tough work being a monastery cat!
Hungry koi!
These shoes may be too big for me, but they are mine