Imported from Russia

These exquisite Gospel bookmarks are individually handcrafted by a student attending the Moscow Theological Academy at St. Sergius-Holy Trinity Lavra in Moscow, Russia. Each bookmark is hand-embroidered on satin fabric using gold embroidery thread, and finished with gold-colored glitter.  Some bookmarks contain real pearls, glass beads, and/or gold-colored beads.  One of a kind!  Limited stock on hand.



  Small     approx. 1" wide by 24" long

  Large     approx. 3" wide by 24" long


Please inquiry about pricing.


Blue satin, real pearls, glass beads
Red satin, real pearls, gold-colored beads
Red satin, real pearls
White satin, real pearl
Green satin, gold-colored beads
Blue satin, real pearls