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Old Testament Series for Children (Continuation)
Moses and the Burning Bush
Moses and the Burning Bush
Moses and the Burning Bush
The Three Holy Youths in the Furnace
The Three Holy Youths in the Furnace
The Three Holy Youths in the Furnace
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The story of Moses is the story of God's deliverance of His people from slavery to the freedom of worshiping Him.  In particular, the Passover (Pascha) of Moses and the Israelites at the Red Sea is the focal point of the Old Covenant and a key scripture associated with Christ's Pascha and our baptism from the death of sin into the life in Christ.  The current story, Moses and the Burning Bush, was richly mined by the Fathers on many levels, but one of its key aspects is certainly the Burning Bush as a "type" of the Theotokos.  As the bush that "held" God burnt without being destroyed, so was the Theotokos unharmed by the fire of Christ's divinity when she bore Him and gave Him birth.



The three holy youths are beloved examples of faithfulness unto death.  Yet their story contains deeper meaning than this.  The Fathers generally understood the "Angel of God" to be Christ Himself.  (Angel means messenger, and Christ is the very WORD of God.)  Thus, the firey furnace is an image of the Theotokos (Virgin Mary), who contained the fire of the Godhead inside her and yet was unharmed.  Also, this passage prefigures Christ's Passion and Resurrection - He descends into the flames of Hades with us, preserves us unharmed, and leads us out into Eternal Life.  So, we read this passage on Great and Holy Saturday, as we await Christ's Resurrection and our own in Him.


Appropriate for ages Preschool and up.


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Announcement (April 11, 2020)

Hi, everyone. Here's another e-book for free download. The story of the three holy youths in the furnace is one of those read on Great and Holy Saturday. So, it seemed appropriate to send it along now.

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God bless you all and grant you a blessed Pascha!
Mother Melania

Old Testament Series for Children
Old Testament Series


This delightful children's series was written by Mother Melania and illustrated by Bonnie Gillis. Using simple verse and colorful, semi-iconographic illustrations that are both sweet and reverent, the series aims to introduce children and their parents to the profound truths revealed in the pages of the Old Testament. Our hope is that the readers will develop a thirst to meet Christ in the Scriptures that so richly reveal Him. 


Appropriate for ages Preschool and up. 


The only books available are the ones shown above.  Sorry, Noah and the Ark of Salvation is out of print.  We plan to self-publish the entire series at a later date.  Please watch for future announcements in our forthcoming newsletters.


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Old Testament Series for Children
Noah and the Ark of Salvation


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