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On this day after the inauguration of President Biden, we are reminded of Chuck Colson’s oft-repeated phrase,
“Salvation does not come on Air Force 1.”  So, whether we’re grieved or gladdened by the results of the recent election,
that does not change the most fundamental truth - CHRIST is our salvation. And if our country is to be saved,
it will be through Christ touching our hearts and giving us the grace to speak the truth in love
so that we may grow up in all things into Him (cf Eph 4:15-16).  May it be so!

Building construction cost & planning details

The 2 story building will be 2720 square feet.

Our cost estimate of $1 million is based on $300-$350 per square foot.  

($300 x 2720 = $816,000 ; $350 x 2720 = $952,000) .  This website shows some details of calculating building costs, and a "standard" home in California is tagged at $250/sq. ft.


Factors that raise our cost per square foot above the California average:

  • The building will be elevated due to proximity to the Napa River.
  • It will have a fire sprinkler system (mandatory).
  • It will have a small elevator (for handicap access to 2nd floor + transportation of groceries/kitchen supplies).
  • It will include two wheelchair ramps.
  • Windows and doors will be energy efficient and durable, rather than "cheapest available" (higher upfront cost, but long-term savings).
  • Exterior finishing matching Main House will be mixture of hardwood & shingles--more expensive than low-cost siding, but important for harmonizing the existing and new buildings.
  • Material and labor costs in the Bay Area have increased dramatically in the past two years because of ongoing rebuilding in the aftermath of local fires. We should expect cost/sq. ft. to be higher here than the general California average.

Local general contractor Paul Coates, a generous friend of our monastery, assisted by Thomas Stimpert, architect, have given of their time and skill over the last year to develop the plans for this building, and are committed to minimizing costs without sacrificing quality throught the building process.

First floor interior
Second floor interior
Looking from the right
Front of both buildings
Aerial view
Interior view of cells
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