Thank you all for your prayers. Thanks be to God we are back home and the monastery is in good shape.
Please continue to pray for the firefighters and all affected by the fires. Thanks again!
Help to build the NEW St. Nicholas House!

Dear Friends,

For nearly 80 years, Holy Assumption Monastery has been a part of the Calistoga community, and is believed to be the oldest Orthodox women's monastery in the United States.  Our community has been blessed to live here for almost 10 years!

We had originally intended the small house known as St. Nicholas House to be a handicap-accessible residence for our elderly and infirm sisters, but after adding an accessible bathroom several years ago, we have been recently advised that St. Nicholas House was not built to high-quality standards, and replacing it is a better use of our resources than continuing to renovate, or attempting an expansion.  Additionally, the sisterhood currently has no work space for the various projects we undertake, including our icon studio.

As a result, the sisterhood proposes not a renovation, but rather a complete replacement of St. Nicholas House with a new, two-story structure.  This building will feature ground floor living accommodations, with the added benefit of work space on the second story.  Local general contractor Paul Coates, a generous friend of our monastery, assisted by Thomas Stimpert, architect, have committed to the project, already providing invaluable planning input and guidance.  With their help, the sisters have attempted to develop a plan that balances quality, beauty, and economy.  The replacement of the existing St. Nicholas House by the proposed building will beautify both the monastery and the community.

Demolition and construction phases are estimated to take six to twelve months.  The sisters are beginning a fundraising campaign with a goal of $1 million. (Why do we need $1 million?)  Because neither demolition nor construction can begin until the bulk of this amount has been secured, we are turning to you as friends and supporters of our monastery to help us in our work of ensuring accessible accommodations for our elderly and infirm sisters and guests, and much-needed work space for the sisterhood.

You can donate to our effort by using the link below.

God bless you!

In Christ,

Mother Melania

and the sisterhood of Holy Assumption Monastery 

If the Lord does not build the house, those who build it labor in vain.

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Old St. Nicholas House
The sisters are looking for 250 people who can donate $1000; the resulting $250,000 will bring us a quarter of the way to our goal.
Give to build the NEW St. Nicholas House!
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